Review –

“Fran & The Groovies publishes the debut EP Follow Your Instinct, which contains five folk pop songs.
It opens with Fireworks, with folk inspiration but not only tied to the voice-and-guitar features, which highlights Fran’s ties especially with the american songwriting.
Run Run Baby is more acoustic, but also more acid. This song helps itself with cascades of piano notes in order to add impact to the song.
Fly chooses sweeter and more melodic ways.
The Park presents a rougher path, in which there are contrasts that make the song interesting.
It closes with Give me, bonus track that reveals a sharp and suffered face, but pop too.
Noticed the proximity of the vocal timbre with some stars of the song of America (rather, of Canada: Morrissette in particular), it should be emphasized the strong and singular personality of Fran, which is appreciated in all the songs of the EP and promises extremely interesting developments.”