Review –

“Daily immersed in technology, with the chance to produce any sound by electric means, it is almost strange to be in front of an acoustic trio, which brings us, with its music, soft and accurate sounds.
Fran & The Groovies, Francesca Garavelli, Francesca Soliveri and Stefano Conti, have been united since spring 2016 and “Follow your instinct” is the title of their first job.
The atmospheres created by guitar, bass, piano and a clear and transparent voice are fundamental in these five tracks: specific traits which are perceived from the very first track, “Fireworks”.
This first work was anticipated by the release of the single “Give me”, whose theme is love: “What matters is that I’m here and I love you”.
“Run baby run” opens with guitar and piano; with a recurring, melodic riff, the song also contains the verse giving the title to the EP.
The beginning of “Fly” is dreamy in a subsequent crescendo of sounds, while more charged is “The Park”.
Fran writes in English and her texts are characterized by the simplicity with which she tells stories lived by herself; certainly a very pleasant listening, for an effective work.”