Fran & the Groovies

Fran & the Groovies - CD EP Fran & the Groovies - copertina dell'EP

Follow your instinct


  • 01 Fireworks 04:19
  • 02 Run Run Baby 03:33
  • 03 Fly 03:42
  • 04 The Park 03:53
  • 05 Give Me [Bonus track] 03:33



Fran & the Groovies

Fran & the Groovies

Francesca Garavelli, aka Fran, took over the guitar at the age of 10 and, chord after chord, she understood music was the only thing that made her feel like herself, giving her the chance to escape from reality and to find an antidote to her confidentiality. Since then her guitar became her shell and at 13 she began to try her hand at songwriting, starting to join the chords to the words and to transmit herself through her first songs. Today Fran writes in English with an acoustic pop folk style, simply telling the genuineness of her passed experiences, her meetings and the obstacles she has overcome. She stands out by the refinement of her songs and the delicacy with which she comes into a person’s soul, as if on tiptoe, with a personal and precise voice. In the spring of 2016 Fran meets her ‘Groovies’ and a strong understanding arose right away. Thanks to them she succeeded in giving her songs a body; songs which had been in her magical room until then. In October 2016 her first single “Give Me” was released, in collaboration with the English producer Lee Fletcher. This track, with other four, is contained in the “Follow Your Instinct” EP, recently published.

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